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Health Awareness

During this time you must take care of your physical and mental health. The CDC website not only gives information about the COVID-19 but it also gives resources. 

COVID-19 Awareness

Help Stop Coronavirus

1 - Hands: wash them often

2 - Elbow: cough into it

3 - Face: don't touch it

4 - Space: keep safe distance

5 - Home: stay if you can


1. Dry cough

2. Fever

3. Tiredness

4. Difficulty breathing

Other resources

Please watch local TV stations to stay informed as well:

Hurricane Season 

With all that is going on in the world right now we want to remind you that hurricane season is upon us. Please take time to review the article and get ready now before there are any threats in the Gulf.

February 10th @ 8:00a- 12:00p: Cholesterol Screening

Heart Health Awareness

February 23rfdBlood Drive 

March - Menal Health Awareness

April - Prostate Health Awareness -

May - Hurricane Preparedness Fair

June - Summer Saftey Awareness

July - Medication Adherance

August - Back to School

September - Insurance Awareness

October - Breast Cancer Awareness

November - Healthy Holidays

December - World AIDS Awareness

What is HAT?

Health Awareness Team

Who is apart of the HAT Team?

Dr. Marla Fielder

Tiffani Ensley

Candace King

DiAndra Hall

Daveyon Jackson

Jasmine Williams

Charla Estes

Youth HAT

Trinity March

Aniyah Cook